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2658 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614
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Rachel Tenorio
Salon Envy , Chicago, IL

Thank you for visiting my stylist page. My name is Rachel and I am working at Salon Envy in Lincoln Park. I constantly update my facebook page "Hair Extensions By Rachel At Salon Envy" so check it out for pictures of my work!

Does your hair feel thin? Very airy & Fine? Lack body and volume? Has a previous haridresser messed up your haircut or color and you need it fixed temporarily while growing it out? Hair REHAB I call it :)!!!!?? How about wanting color without the damage and commitment? or Have you ever just wanted a change but aren't sure what to do? I would love to help you learn how to create entirely different looks that are flattering and will make you feel confident and look beautiful.

Hair extensions are not just for the client that wants long, FULL, & Victorias Secret model hair, although that is completely POSSIBLE :) I have clients all of the time where we just add thickness and/ or volume to their hair. I can add a bang, some pops of color or highlights/lowlights, and its a wonderful way to fixed a messed up haircut or color, too The possibilities are endless!

First, I will tell you why Great Lengths sets every other hair company apart and then about myself and what sets me apart from other stylists. There are so many hair extensions on the market these days, but Great Lengths is "La Creme De La Creme". They are the "Roll Royce" of hair extensions. With 10 years of hair extensions experience, I have never have known a company that even comes close to Great lengths in these categories: Fair Trade & Traceable Hair; Quality, Shine, Texture, and Longevity of the human hair; Variety of Colors & Longevity of colors, especially the newest Sun FX (OMBRE) colors; Strength and Gentleness of the Keratin Bond; Ease of Removal with absolutely no damage; Satisfaction of clients; and my favorite, the length, UP to 24 inches! The bond that attaches the hair extensions to your own hair is made up of the SAME molecular structure as your hair, so when melded it becomes the same structure and is very secure. Cold fusion is the lastest technology and basically what it does is soften the hard keratin bond, with hair attached to it, with an ultrasonic vibration and no heat so it can be formed around your own hair and attached permanently until removed. It is lightweight, the same color as your hair, and virtually undetectable.

I love how small the bonds are your hair will move naturally and you can run your fingers through your hair without getting stuck like other companies! These hair extensions are Flawless.

I grew up in the salon industry with my mom, Patti, who was and still is a salon owner in Michigan. We traveled every year to international hair shows, constantly learning and updating our techniques. My mom always said that once you stop educating and think you know everything in this industry you mind as well quit. Trends are changing constantly and new techniques & technology are always coming out and changing. This is something I love about being a hair stylist. I moved to Chicago two years ago and love my salon located right in Lincoln Park. It is cozy, upscale, and all about education! Its wonderful to work with people who are passionate about doing hair and are full of personality, our staff is the best. There, I specialize in hair extensions and also corrective color. I love changes & challenges and also making women feel beautiful and confident, its the best part of doing hair. Hair extensions will change your life, its amazing what more hair can do! BEWARE: They are addictive! Once you get them, most likely you'll never want to live without them! I have traveled doing hair and working hairshows with InterFashion USA, an international distribution company, and have learned alot along the way. I have been certified and worked with about 10 different types of hair extensions. Great Lengths COLD fusion are by far my favorite. I worked on the reality television show "Chicagolicious" this year 2013 as an extension specialist and loved every minute of it. Everyone was a riot to work with and we were did several photo shoots and runway shows. I know I have an eye for extension blending and creating the perfect look. I have worked on women from ages 13-70, men, women that were in remission from cancer and needed a makeover, very high profile clients, and the stay at home moms. I enjoy working with people from every walk of life... I love to connect with people and build relationships through their hair appointments, while keeping a high level of professionalism. Please check out my pictures and let them speak for themselves.

I would love to meet you and have a consultation to be your extensionista :) Call Salon Envy or send me an email at StylistaRachel13@yahoo.com for an appointment.